250 Cash Magnet Review

250 cash magnet

What Is 250 Cash Magnet?

250 Cash Magnet is the latest product from Glynn Kosky via Warrior Plus.
The Basic entry level of the product is a 13 video training course on how to earn affiliate
commissions from creating videos for youtube.
These videos can feature absolutely any niche that you wish to target.
Basically if there is a buying market for information in a niche then there will be an
affiliate product to sell.

It’s no secret that youtube is probably the most popular place to earn affiliate
commissions. If you know how to go about:-


  • Finding products to promote.
  • Researching the best keywords.
  • How to create a video.
  • How to upload a video.
  • How to annotate a video.
  • How to mask your affiliate links.
  • How to optimize traffic to your video.
  • How to use live streaming to create videos.
  • How to build lists with videos.
  • How to set up an auto responder.

Then you probably don’t need to purchase 250 Cash Magnet.

The methods used and the general principles in 250 Cash Magnet do work but unless you are
completely new to trying to build an online business, the info in the product will not be
new to you. I didn’t find anything new within this product but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t
learn some pearl of wisdom.

It might be that the upsells on offer will present a new or faster way to build your business.
I have not invested in the upsells so not able to comment on their value.

That being said, what you also get with 250 Cash Magnet as a bonus is four previous, successful
products that have been created and released by Glynn and his partners. This makes the
$7.00/$8.00 cost reasonably good value, especially if your are a “newbie”.





The products you get as bonuses that have already sold on warriorplus are currently valued at
$9.95 each and have sold over 10,000 units combined so as I have said this has real value.
As an added incentive if you buy through my link, I am offering a bonus of my own worth nearly
$300.00 which you will get at the download page of 250 Cash Magnet. You can check out my bonuses


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