5 “Healthy” Diet Or Weight Loss Foods To Avoid


These so called healthy diet and weight loss foods and
many other similar products, have virtually no real
nutritional value but actually leave you unfulfilled and
wanting more.

#1 Slimming shakes (Not at all healthy…they’re actually packed
with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and a loads of other chemicals)
which have been well documented to have only long term negative effects
on the body.

#2 Fat Free Rice Cakes (Many people believe this sort of rubbish
is healthy…it really is nothing but pure refined starch with no fibre.
Basically breaking down straight away into sugar in your body, raising insulin
and encouraging fat storage …do not see any health benefits here.)

#3 Protein bars “Scientifically Engineered to enhance slimming”.
These are the ridiculous statements that are made to promote these products.
(looking at the ingredient list of these so called “healthy” protein bars you
will find, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar alcohol’s,
as said earlier, just three ingredients that you should avoid like the plague.)

#4 Canned fruit in syrup which is processed, cooked and loaded with syrup
(Why buy these products when you can eat the real thing, fresh whole fruit
which still contains the skins, fibre, active enzymes, etc. all of which are
essential for good health.)

#5 Reduced Sugar Dessert Cakes (containing artificial sweeteners, sugar
alcohol’s, preservatives, and a list of chemical ingredients that do nothing
to satisfy your taste buds or hunger pangs infact they just leave you craving
more “sugar” within 30 minutes of eating).

These types of product are for people that think they can “cheat their way
to thinness”. Perhaps they feel exercise is not for them or they are “to busy”
to prepare healthy snacks or lunches but could you imagine structuring a
long term lifestyle plan based on this type of diet, It would be doomed to failure.

The physiological cravings would be overwhelming in a very short time and this
is when unhealthy bingeing can ruin any progress that may have been achieved.

A diet of healthy fresh food including fruit and vegetables, fish, lean meat, nuts,
seeds, legumes etc; and at least some moderate exercise is not only more
desirable, it is more sustainable, will help you lose weight faster, help to maintain
a healthy weight and give you more energy. The greatest benefit is you will
almost certainly live longer.

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