Social Lead Sniper Review

social lead sniper

Sky Rocket lead generation with Social Lead Sniper.

Social Lead Sniper is a series of videos combining case study and tutorial on a successful
free method of generating leads in virtually any niche. The main social platforms used in
the case study are Twitter and Instagram.
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Through the seven day case study, Michael clearly
documents the daily success of his campaigns.
His target being to hit 100 plus leads in a day by
the end of the seven days. A target he achieves
in day 6 and 7. Michael generated 490+ leads in
the seven days.

Michael clearly demonstrates as he walks you through the setting up of the case study campaign.
A new twitter and Instagram account was set up with a few relevant tweets and posts.

The next step is to set up a squeeze page to an offer. Michael explains the set up and editing of
the squeeze page to achieve the best possible results. The next stage of the process is how to gain
a following of engaged prospects on the two accounts.

The methods differ slightly on the two platforms but Michael covers this in an easy to follow
demonstration. As with may social media accounts there are certain protocols to follow in the
maintenance of these accounts. Accounts can be suspended when there is flagrant abuses of their
terms of service policies and Michael explains how to carry out this maintenance so as to keep
accounts within their respective guidelines.

The early work put in to creating these accounts can pay dividends as there can be a snowball effect
as they mature.

What I like about Social Lead Sniper is that it is very easy to follow and I like the way he keeps
you up tp date with the results as they happen. Both through google analytics and auto responder
reports, that make this case study very transparent.

I also like the fact that he clearly shows that the methods he shares with you will work and that
you do not have to have accounts with 1000’s of followers before having success.
There are some unannounced bonuses included. The best being a free squeeze page template, including
images and editing details. There is also an ebook of Social Media Marketing Tips.

For the very low entry price for Social Lead Sniper I can’t come up with anything negative to say
and in conclusion, I think this is money well spent. I recommend you get a copy if you are looking
to find ways of boosting your email list. This clearly works.

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