The-Onlineinformer My Mission

To Review and evaluate IM products in an unbiased way with zero pitch.

Meaning, not linking to products reviewed here at the-onlineinformer
without careful consideration as to whether a product is worthy of such.
Leaving visitors to make an informed decision as to whether a product has value.
To help others to start making money online without the pitfalls of buying products
that either do not deliver or are not suitable.

A Long Time Ago

After many years of researching and purchasing various money making products many
of which were or are scams, I am now passionate about helping people in the Internet
marketing industry, not necessarily for my own profit but to help new internet
marketing individuals avoid the pitfalls and scammers that proliferate the
web these days.

Here you will find I write truly honest reviews of internet marketing products, unlike many
disingenuous reviewers just chasing affiliate commissions.

My role as The-Onlineinformer is to genuinely help people make informed decisions before
buying IM products and I would never attempt, unlike most so called reviewers,to profit
from products that were either unsuitable or downright scams.

I purchase many of these products for the purpose of rating their ability to deliver on
their promises and to whom , if anybody, that they may be best suited to.

I will only endorse products that I truly believe are value for money, trust me AND if
you believe others could benefit from these reviews, tell them please.


Something I will recommend, is a FREE copy of my Report “The Genuine Cash
Generation Blueprint”

A an expose of the real methods for creating online wealth fast, that
the so called “Guru’s” don’t want you to know.

Enjoy reading my reviews, get Feedburner updates of new posts by subscribing in
the top right hand corner, your email will not go into a list.

And do everyone out there trying to avoid the scammers and con merchants a favour
by liking my reviews. Lets get the message out there and keep people safe.
Many Thanks
Paul Livett, The-Onlineinformer.

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