AK Elite Review

AK Elite

AK Elite By Brad Callen released 9th July.

So What is AK Elite? AK Elite is an automated analysis and ranking system
for marketing Amazon Kindle products in some of the best performing niches
in the online publishing world. Amazon’s Kindle has been one of their top
selling software product for years and the kindle books market is massive
and is one of the biggest earners on the Internet for affiliates.

What this product software does is to help you dominate the Amazon search engine
and ranking system so that your own personal kindle books will rank at or near
the top of the listings for whatever niche you are in.

Selling Kindle books has become multi million dollar industry and the potentials
are enormous. It has now become very easy to be a self publisher with many free
formatting sites now on the Internet including Createspace, which is owned by
This product doesn’t come cheap. The front end price is $147.00 and there are
up-sells with a value of more than $200.00. Have found out that one of the upsells
is a book creation software and as I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of free

It appears from the sales video that the initial investment could be recouped very
quickly. The exciting thing about this software is that once you have done your
initial setting up and have generated a few sales, Amazon then embrace your product
as a potential money maker, which helps in the ranking of the product and sales can
then really take off.
Many examples in the sales video of authors generating sales in excess of $2,000 a week.

If your are a writer or think you have something to write about, or if you have
an ebook that could be published as a Kindle book, then you may consider that it’s
worth, at least, watching the sales video.


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