Apex For Life Review

Apex For Life Review

John Di Lemme’s Apex for Life Review

Apex for life is a so called ultra All-Inclusive, Motivational, Marketing, Money-Making,
Fear-Demolishing program that is packed with Proven and tested Marketing Boot Camps,
Life-Changing Hands-On Mastermind Events, ​B​est-​S​elling eBooks, ​A​udio ​B​ooks, ​​exclusive
Millionaire Lifestyle Freedom Club ​A​udios and ​V​ideos​,​ and so much more​.

Apex For Life is claimed to be an Epic Step-by-Step Program on How to Make More Money
and Conquer Fear, by the self styled Small Business Motivational and Marketing Expert,
John Di Lemme.
John Di Lemme certainly has a following and he has been a prolific content creator over
the last 8 years or so.

John has written 18 plus, ebooks and paperbacks, he has created hundreds of videos and podcasts.

My one reservation about Apex for Life is the price point. An initial $297.00 with an upsell
to “Apex for Life Pro” for $1,997 and a monthly $97.00 payment for the Exclusive Lifestyle
Freedom Club.

Now I am not a follower of John but I am sure has has a vast knowledge and credibility in
his field but I think Apex for Life is vastly over priced.

Why do I think this is over priced? I will tell you, large quantities of John Di Lemme’s
products in the Apex for Life Package are available throughout the Internet at very low cost.

First, all of John Di Lemme’s ebooks and paperbacks are available on Amazon, mostly for little
more than a dollar.
These books are not best sellers by any stretch of the imagination but that does not mean that
they are poor quality, they could indeed be excellent value but the handful of reviews are only

Second, John Di Lemme has a youtube video channel containing almost 300 videos, many of which
I have no doubt, will be included in the Apex for life package. He has amassed 1,571 subscribers
over eight years, I am sure there is some good content there.

Third, John Di Lemme has, at the last count, 141 podcasts titledv”Small Business Motivational
and Marketing Audio Tip Of The Day” available on itunes for free, and they are LLOONNNGGGG!

What I would suggest is that Apex for Life may contain a smattering of new content but most,
I suspect, will be re-hashed content from his previous 8 years work.

If You Think That John Di Lemme has something to offer you, if you think he could motivate you
in your business ventures then I suggest that you first, take a look at his body of work
already available on Amazon and Youtube. You may find all you need to know without
emptying the entire contents of your pocket.

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