Auto Mobile Code Review

Auto Mobile Code

Review of Auto Mobile Code from the Clicksure Stable

Telling of another well orchestrated sales pitch showing vast sums of money being
made by products that have nothing to do with Auto Mobile Code.

Auto Mobile Code is supposedly an automatic mobile code that will rake in a fortune using
text messaging on other people’s cell phones or tablets. They claim you don’t need a phone
yourself to use it.

These type of products are always aimed at the totally new wannabe Internet Marketers, that
are drawn in to the belief that it is possible to instantly earn big money with little effort.
Then out of naivety and sometimes desperation, they buy into these pipe dream products only
to be totally disappointed.

Now deep inside this product there may be some grain of truth in the methods that are used
earning an affiliate income but the majority of the infrastructure for making money this way
will not be in place for any newbie.

To make money using mobile advertising you need at least one of two things.
Either a large list of subscribers that you can market to or a large budget that you can use
to buy ads on a mobile ad network.

Building a subscriber list takes much time and skill or at the very least, a large budget to
buy ads OF various descriptions, to a squeeze page.

So whatever the Auto Mobile Code is, and I no longer buy these crappy products to test them
as I have seen every version of the same system created, it won’t generate the levels of
income shown in the promo video not without massive investment in time and money.

The Auto Mobile Code will cost you a one off $49.00 payment to be all in
where you get,

*UNLIMITED Access to Auto Mobile Code.
*BONUS* Supercharged Training.
*Get 30 Done For You Mobile Businesses.
*BONUS* 50 Done For You Mobile Businesses.
*BONUS* 50 Desktop based Businesses.
*6 Week BONUS Coaching.
*$20 FREE Advertising Credit.
*60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you take the first exit offer of $19.00 you get,

*Get UNLIMITED Access to:-
*Auto Mobile Code.
*Get 30 Done For You Mobile Businesses.
*Unlimited Customer & Technical Support.
*Lifetime Software Updates.
*60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

and if you take the second exit offer of $9.00 you get,

*5 Done For You Mobile Codes.
*See Results in 60 Days or less.
*60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Don’t believe what they say in the video that the Auto Mobile Code is only open to a select
few. If you don’t know already, this is a common marketing ploy to get you to jump in.
This product is open to as many as they can hook up.

For some people $9.00 might be a throw away amount of money that may tempt you to take a
look at what it is all about, sometimes these steps have to be taken to learn and grow
and if by some chance it works you can go and upgrade to the full package but you won’t
find a link to it here on my blog.

I am all for promoting correct and sustainable ways of making money online and you are
welcome to read about them in one of my free ebooks.

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