Blogging With John Chow Review.

Blogging with john chow

Honest Review Of Blogging With John Chow.

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Blogging With John Chow is the quintessential blogging course for anybody looking to
develop a presence online with the purpose of making an income in Internet marketing.
It is especially useful, if not a must have, for anyone new to Internet marketing because
it really will walk you through every phase of the building process from beginner to
experienced blogger-marketer.

John Chow is a highly respected figure in the Internet marketing industry
and has featured on many TV shows and in publications such as The New York Times and
The Globe. His blogs receive over 200,000 hits a day and he claims to earn on average,
$40,000 a month.

Blogging With John Chow is not a get rich quick “blueprint” but more a “business for life”
development program. It will require patience and dedication to get the required results.
Depending on your desired niche, it may take several months to a year or two, before a good
income is achieved but I believe blogging is the most sustainable method and certainly the
most legit method of earning a living online.

The Product itself is made up initially of 9 modules.
Module 1
Firstly what are you about? what is your target market?

  • What to blog about. Selecting a niche
  • Your Brand. Creating your own identity

Module 2
This Module is about blog site construction.

  • Creating Your WordPress Blog. Selecting Domain name and hosting.
  • Themes. Personalizing the look of  your blog.
  • Plugins. Optimizing functionality and SEO.
  • Graphics. Enhancing the viewers experience

Module 3
Here John covers your work ethic and daily strategy.

  • Seven Habits of Successful Bloggers.
  • When to Post and How Long? Being consistent.
  • Monitoring the Blogosphere. Keeping up with trends.
  • Claiming Your Territory. Becoming the go to guy.
  • More Branding

Module 4
Here you are taught how to write killer content that is “must read”.

  • Be Awesome. Make your blog posts unmissable.
  • The Content Kaleidoscope
  • Attracting Comments
  • Moderating Comments
  • Coming Up With Ideas When You Have None

Module 5
This module is about building your list of followers and more
importantly,keeping them interested.

  • First, The Bribe.
  • Provide Valuable Info Regularly.
  • Call Them To Action.
  • Strategies to Build Your List.
  • How to Create a Squeeze Page in Ten Minutes.

Module 6
This Module is about how to monetize your blog to make the very
best of your income opportunities.

  • Create an Editorial Plan.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Other Forms of Advertising on Your Blog.
  • Amazon Product Ads.
  • Defining and Charging for Solo Slots.
  • Adsense Strategies.

Module 7
This Module is about getting you and your content “out there”

  • RSS Feeds.
  • Social Media.
  • Connecting With Other Bloggers.
  • Keyword Research.

Module 8
This module is about linking and traffic strategies, and
understanding how search engines work.

  • What About Panda and Penguin.
  • Linking Strategies.
  • Link Baiting.
  • Deep Linking.
  • Adword Traffic and Article Marketing.

Module 9
Here John tackles the monitoring of traffic and how to
test and tweek for better traffic stats.

  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Alerts and Social Media Monitoring.

There is also a 30 day Action Plan.
6 Automation Empire Modules including hiring, Outsourcing,
Planning, Management System, and other Tips and Tricks.

And Finally a $40,000 a month blogging video.
If your not ready to invest $47.00 there is a free report available
which is a really good read in itself.
“5 Essential Steps To Successful Blogging”
1 Road Map
2 Understanding The Value of Value
3 Relationship > Money
4 Have a Good Story To Tell
5 Automate for Cash

Pros and Cons.


Very detailed instructions and pretty much all the basics are covered here especially for
the newbie’s. There are no “missing secrets”.

All your studying of the course has to be done while logged in to the membership site and
a few more videos would not have gone amiss.

All in All, I believe Blogging With John Chow is really good value for money.
Easy to follow and good email support. So the only limitations are the amount of time
and effort that any purchaser is prepared to put in.
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