Cash Machines 2.0 Review, 2.0 Exposed.

cash machines 2.0

Cash Machines 2.0 An Honest review, launched 1st July.

Here is another slick production from the Clicksure stable.

Firstly, let me say, if you have come here from You tube to read the review of Cash Machines 2.0
this is just a transcript so before you go. If you really want to make a sustainable income
online get my book above, it will cost you nothing.

Back to the review-
So we have professional actors telling the story of someone really down on his luck when he meets
a guy that lets him in on his secret code he has discovered/created that generates $30,000 plus
every day on auto pilot, sound familiar?

Well anyway, this guy lets our “hero” have the code as long as he lets only a select few know about
it and if you have seen the video you are one of those select few.

By the way, when you start to watch the video, you are told that in a few minutes you will find out
exactly what the secret is, so 35 minutes later you are still waiting and all you have found out is
that it is something to do with Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. I see it through till the end and
found out nothing more than that, so should I take a punt on it?

This is the almost monthly attempt to extract hard earned money from unsuspecting marketing newbies
trying to find a way to make money on the Internet.

I have to tell you that you should leave well alone. It’s true you can make good income from Facebook
and Youtube but there are several thing you need to have in place, none of which happen overnight.

Facebook and Youtube advertising can bring in large commissions but adverts cost money and if you are
not experienced at it you can easily spend more than you make. This is one of the ways that the
results shown in the video’s of these products is achieved.

Here’s a scenario, a wealthy guy spends $50,000 a week on advertising with Facebook, Google and Youtube.
This brings him in $30,000 to $60,000 in commissions. Possibly making a profit perhaps a loss but what
he has to show is a healthy flow of commissions coming in to his affiliate accounts.

So now he makes a professionally produced sales pitch claiming he makes vast sums of money using a
secret method that he is prepared to share with you for a small starting fee. ( I say starting fee
because if you do buy into these products there is always an up-sell costing more than your initial
investment supposed to help you make even more money even quicker).

Then what happens is a vast network of affiliates promote this product which may generate $millions in
sales for the creator so his advertising gamble will always pay off and then the process begins again
targeting the next batch of newbies that come to the Internet to find ways of making money.

Like Commissions Conspiracy, you can click away from the video and be offered the product for as little
as $9.00 and one more click will get you an offer of 5 done for you commission web sites for free,
except they are not free as you will have to sign up to web hosting to actually acquire them.
Making it impossible to recoup your investment when you realize you have been sold junk.
Leaving the product creator with his commission from the web hosting.

If you really want to make a sustainable income online get my book above, it will cost you nothing.

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