Commission Cash Code Review, Scam?

Commission Cash Code

Commission Cash Code IS another scam

Commission Cash Code is probably from the same people that created the follow up of this
product, Safe Simple Commissions.
(Read the more comprehensive review of Safe Simple Commissions)
The reason I say Commission Cash Code is scam is not because the methods shown don’t work
to make money, but because the money that has been generated and shown for the purpose of
these types of product, are not generated from the methods that they are selling.

The basic difference between Commission Cash Code and Safe Simple Commissions is that
instead of Facebook being the vehicle for the affiliate campaigns that you set up from the
members area, Youtube is the medium used.
As referred to in the previous review, Youtube, like facebook is a great medium to exploit
to make money but the profits suggested in the sales pitch are un-achievable, certainly not
for someone without a great deal of knowledge, expertise and years of experience.

The screenshots of large payouts on Clickbank and Clicksure are very deceptive as the genuine
source of the traffic is not revealed. Another method to make these sales, not discussed in
my previous review, is the paid traffic method.

Using ad campaigns can dramatically increase traffic to affiliate offers but this will cost
money and anyone that has used Google adwords will know just how tricky it is to set up ad
campaigns that show a profit. So it is feasible that an affiliate marketer could make a loss
in generating the sales that are shown but using these figures to fool unsuspecting would be
Internet marketers (newbie’s) that these profits are actually possible to make if only they
knew how.
This is the basic model of the Internet Marketer, to hoodwink people into believing the hype
and hype is all it is.

As I have said before, AVOID at all costs.

If you are new to Internet marketing and you want to know how to genuinely make money on the
internet, email me for a FREE copy of my “The Genuine Cash generation Blueprint”
My promise to you is that I will never send over hyped marketing crap for the sake of a
commission only genuine info to help you in your endeavors to make money online.

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