Commission Conspiracy Review

commission conspiracy

Commission Conspiracy Another Scam?

Launched in June 2013.

Commission Conspiracy is yet another slick production from the Clicksure stable but
this time with a twist. Video opens up with the usual arrival in limousine of
Guru/actor at the doors of large mansion but then announces that he is in fact an
actor and the mansion is not his but hired for the product promotion. He is joined
by a bunch of guys that all claim to have acted in previous product promotions.

To cut a long story short, he tells of a meeting with “real guru”s who show our
character, Wayne, how they really make their money. They explain that they create a
video for a flimsy product that a newbie could probably never make a dime with
but show fake screen shots of the vast daily commissions that they make
from said product. So we have “The commission Conspiracy”.

So anyway Wayne gets hold of the info on a memory stick of the methods the
“gurus” really use to make their money and as if by magic, Wayne cracks it,
shares it with his “actor” friends and proceeds to make a fortune. He then creates
the product that we have before you.

What you actually get if you buy into this, is a collection of done for you templates
for your own product creation that you can then market through Clickbank and
other product vendors. Not as easy as it sounds. What also happens if you carry
on through the process of actually creating a product, you will then be sold domain
name and hosting for your product web site. These templates and supposed
products are worthless.

Why would someone want to give you the opportunity to make tens of thousands of
dollars from a niche product when they could just do it themselves.

What you have to understand is that the big money being made on the Internet is
from product launches like this, that are designed to catch out the thousands of
newbies that come online every month trying to find a quick solution to making money.

If you feel compelled to watch the video let me warn you , it is about 40 minutes
long and reveals virtually nothing. If you click away, the product firstly gets reduced
to $9.00 and eventually a free offer of 5 ready made product websites done for you.
The catch is you have to sign up to web hosting for each site at about $16.00 for six

So in a nutshell what we have here is a clever way to suck you into buying hosting
for websites that will never achieve anything but for which the product vendor
gains commissions and because you have signed up for an actual genuine
web hosting product, you cannot cancel. If you bought the original product
you could claim a refund but you will still be out of pocket and the vendor has still
made his commissions.

If you want to know how to really make money on the Internet, get my book above,
it will cost you nothing.

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