Commission Supremacy Review

Commission Supremacy

Honest review of Commission Supremacy from the members area.

Or at least it will be when I get my password sent to me. 6 hours after purchase
I still have not received it.
What I can tell you is that after paying for Commission Supremacy, I went on
the usual journey of sales pitches before I could move on to the members area, which as
I say I’m still waiting to access.

The first pitch was for a “Cashbuddy”, someone dedicated to helping me for eigth weeks
for the sum of $49.00. I was then offered ready made web sites for $147.00 and Traffic
Nitro, offering “Targeted Traffic” at $77.00, for my “Made for me” web sites.

Next came the offer of a PLR Directory with over 6000 articles for $29.00.
Finally I was offered Rob Walker as a protege (coach).

Received my login 24 hours after purchasing, probably just a glitch. I must say I was
sceptical that this would have any real value but I am not totally disappointed.

I have downloaded the Commission Supremacy software and had a play and basically what it
does is firstly, give you an A-Z list of potential niches then after you select a niche
you choose a keyword which then generates a list of micro niches.

Secondly when you select a micro niche, it goes out creates or finds content for your
selected target product. Next step is the process of selecting a domain and choosing a
web site template, which as I haven’t bought, I could not complete.

The next step would be to embed your affiliate links into your web site, all of which is
done with a click of a button automatically. The up sells of “ready made web sites” and
Traffic Nitro” may not be of value considering, in the case of “ready made web sites”,
if you buy hosting and a domain, you may decide at no extra cost, to build the site
yourself depending on your budget.

As for “traffic Nitro” I would imagine it has something to do with posting out to all the
various social media sites. This again is something you could do yourself if you have
the time. The article package is something else you may not need. The software collects
or scrape’s articles when creating content for your web site which is never a good idea,
(duplicate content sucks) so it is another task you should take on yourself rather than
purchase ready written articles.

The bonuses are a Facebook plugin and a list of the top ten ways to make money online.
Each one covered extensively with 2 or 3 videos giving a good guide to their respective
processes. A lot of the information is familiar but still enlightening and for anyone new
to affiliate marketing, very informative.

I would conclude that the basic Commission Supremacy package which, if you click away enough times,
you can get with a good discount of $9.00, is a great “info” product for anyone wanting to dip
their toes into the world of affiliate marketing and more than enough to cope with at the start.


It will give you a ton of ideas to go away and try out on your own. I don’t think you could
ever generate the income that is suggested in the promotional video with their software.
Creating niche product web sites IS a good way of making an income but do it yourself with your
own efforts and unique content. Obviously you would need to consider at some point how you go
about getting your web sites and domains.

I suggest that you go toand buy your own domains and hosting.

Most of what this product does, you could do and could already be doing.
If You regarded this as no more than an info product, someone with no real knowledge of affiliate
marketing may think it was still good value even if they didn’t generate sales with it.
The basic premise of creating niche web sites is a proven method but do the work yourself.

Before you go, get a free copy of my ebook “The Genuine Cash Generation
Blueprint” what many consider to be the genuine method of creating a long
term income online.

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