Counterfeit and Fake Ebay Items

Counterfeit and Fake Ebay Items

Counterfeit and fake ebay items

Counterfeit and fake ebay items are becoming commonplace occurrence
on auction sites and it seems that some, especially Ebay are either powerless or reluctant
to address the problem.
It is not necessarily high ticket items that are being targeted by the counterfeiters any
more but the relatively low priced quality products from well known High Street Stores. Including
such stores as Topshop, H&M, M&S. Items that tend to be limited edition, priced around the £40.00
to £50.00 mark.

These products retain a high value even when sold second hand so when buyers come across these
products sold “as new” at large discounts, they become hard to resist. Alarm bells should ring
for the more discerning buyers. Ask yourselves questions like, how can someone sell such
large quantities of a limited edition product that is no longer available or how can someone
make a profit from such quality items if they are operating as a legitimate business and selling
so cheaply.

Any legitimate business on Ebay should be paying vat on sales as well as the Ebay and Paypal
fees that are incurred on any sale. Meaning stock items would have to be bought in extremely cheaply.
So if a product is being sold under the banner of a well known brand wouldn’t you perhaps wonder
why, if this product was so sought after that these high street retailers would still be selling
from their own outlets. From my own experience, I have found that these “copies” are really poor
quality, sold by unprofessional sellers, especially when it comes to requesting refunds.
Unfortunately there is a market for counterfeit items, as there are buyers that are willing to
knowingly buy counterfeit items.

So if you are not one of the above how do you avoid counterfeit and Fake Ebay Items? Don’t take bargain
“new” items at face value. Do some research into seller’s feeback and sales history. If an item seems
to good to be true, it probably is.
A legitimate business seller in the UK would need to be vat registered if their gross sales are
over £70,000 a year so if you are not sure about a seller or the items they are selling, ask to
see if they are vat registered.

If you buy an inferior item, demand a refund as is your right. Many illegitimate sellers will try
to verbally bully you and blame you for damaging the item but stick to your guns and firstly report
them to Trading Standards and secondly, open a dispute with Ebay.
Inform the seller what actions you are taking, quote “The sale of goods act” to them and sometimes
this maybe enough to resolve the issue.
Do not return the item until or unless you receive a refund.

So always be wary and your shopping experience will be a happy and safe one.

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