Easy Money Machines Review

Easy Money Machines

Easy Money Machines brought to you by Tim Atkinson and Michael Fox

Has now been released and I have bought in to it and I have checked it out and the video
is now live, see below.

My first instinct is that it is another clicksure scammy product so don’t buy easy money
machines, watch the video from the members area to see why.

Easy Money Machines is a re-hash of just about every product that comes out nowadays,
the setting up of ready made web sites or at least customizable templates of web sites.

You are firstly advised to follow 4 steps including, signing up to Pure Leverage.
Then taking out a hosting package with Hostzilla, Accessing the training and software and
finally for some reason, going to support?

There is the usual “software” to make all these tasks “easier” but I have found the
software to be not very newbie friendly and unless you upgrade by several $100’s not
actually a lot of use. In the members area there is some training videos on video
creation involving finding products to promote. Also Facebook fanpage building, Google+
and optimizing for best SEO.

All the training available in Easy Money Machines is also freely available on the internet.
It seems that the focus is on the promotion of other products and upgrades and very little
guidance on which upgrades you need to unlock various stages of the software or how to get
the image editor. If you wanted to upgrade, the buttons don’t work.

“Look Guys this “Easy Money Machine” and dozens of other similar money making “machines”
are sold on the promise that they are going to fast track you to making vast sums of money
in next to no time with minimal effort.

The truth is there is nothing out there that can do this. While the basic methods of setting
up niche sites is a very valid method of making money online, the time scale and effort
involved is 100 times greater than they would have you believe.

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ultimately cost you time not save it.

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