Is Empower Network A Scam?

Empower Network Scam

If Empower Network is not a scam, what is it?

I am not in the Empower network and certainly not promoting it.
Having watched and read all the marketing videos and other promotional material,
and other empower network reviews, I have come to this conclusion. For the most
part, it is another MLM, Pyramid or ponzi scheme where the rich guys with the
big opt-in lists, that have been in the industry for years, are going to profit.

They pop up on YouTube with “proof of earnings” that they don’t like to “brag
or boast” about how they earn 5 figure sums every month and how they will
“mentor” you to equal success but totally lack any morals and will leave you
high and dry once they have your money.

When the product you are buying into is what you have to sell to make money,
how can that be considered a genuine business model.

The “credibility” these guys have is the secret to how they are at the
forefront of every new system that hits the Internet marketing niche.

They have done their work over many many years, building a flock of followers
that at sometime or another, are going to try to jump on the money merry go

The little guy, the newbie, that gets sucked into this is going to slog his
guts out trying to get leads with no following, no credibility and only the
search engines to ply his trade. For the majority of people that buy into
empower network, they will be chasing pipe dreams based on hollow promises.

This is really no different from the last “great” business opportunity that hit
the Internet a few years ago, “Yournetbiz”, although Empower Network does
seem to have one small redeeming feature, and I am being generous, and that is
the blogging platform that you get if you sign up, can be used to promote pretty
much any product or system you wish. But as the empowernetwork authority is on
the wane
with google, even that is almost worthless now.

The basic level of $25.00 a month gets you the blogging platform, your own sub-
domain of the Empower Network web site. If you want to be an affiliate you have
to sign up for a Merchant account which will cost you another $20.00 per month.

You can upgrade and buy various training products. The catch is you can only
sell and earn commissions on products that you have bought into yourself.

What are the training products? In a nutshell, they contain training on how to
sell the products and general Internet marketing techniques. Most of this
information is freely available on the Internet if you search hard enough.

My analogy of this Empower Network system is this. It is like buying a box of
sand, and then trying to convince anybody that will listen, that this sand will
be their key to Internet marketing success. Yeah sand has a value but not many
people would know how to make money with it.

So how do you make 5 figure sums of money selling boxes of sand. If you wanted
a box of sand you could go to the beach and get it for free, much like Internet
marketing info is free.

Undoubtedly people will make money with this, probably the usual suspects,
while thousands will be left floundering with little chance of covering even
their initial investments.

So you have to ask yourself this, how does it sit morally with you, trying to
sell boxes of sand and telling your leads, if you ever get any, that this is
the answer to their Internet marketing business prayers.

My conclusion, Is empower Network a scam, it sits precariously on the edge of
the realms of illegal I would call it a scam. If you wish to trade morally this
is not for you.

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