Empower Network Blog Authority Waning

empower network blog

The Empower Network blog supposed “authority” no longer authority
in the search engine rankings.

This is borne out by the fact that every blog page owned by individuals on
the Empower Network blog platform is now ranked as a stand alone blog according to
Alexa. If you are looking to get into the Empower Network as a way of starting an
online business I urge you to reconsider.

I have done some extensive research into Empower Network blog rankings. I have found
that far from improving your personal blog rankings with the search engines you are
more likely to rank lower than new web sites that are specifically targeting certain

So the main legitimizing selling point of Empower Network that it uses to justify that
it is not just a pyramid scheme has now crashed. $25.00 a month for an under performing
blog where you have no control of the SEO now appears to be a very poor investment.
Especially for any fledgling blogger looking to make any sort of income on the Internet.

Also taking into account the $19.00 or so that you have to pay a month just to be able
to sell this to other would be bloggers/business seekers. Over $520.00 for a piece of
someone else’s blog that you have limited control over seems a rather large investment
when starting out and the so called mentors that will embrace you into their “team” to
help you build your “business” are really only striving to build their own income streams
of the back of your efforts, that is how pyramid schemes work and that is all Empower Network
really is, once new recruits dry up the whole system will collapse.

It may take another year or two but I can guarantee that the powers at the top of this
pyramid are already working on the next big system that will replace it and ensure the cycle
goes on. In fact there is a new system that has recently hit the Internet “Pure Leverage”,
says it all in the title really, but I will be writing a more comprehensive review in the
coming weeks.

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