Fanpage Cashflow Review

Fanpage Cashflow

Fanpage Cashflow and my honest take on it.

Fanpage Cashflow is an attempt by Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis to cash in on a trend
and belief that fb fanpages are a fantastic way to explode and profit from your business.

Well the truth is they are right to a certain extent but we are talking about businesses
and brands that already have a profile of some standing. A fanpage is portal to all other
aspects of a businesses activity but should never be used as a blatant sales page.
The process has to be subtle seduction combined with fun and enlightening interaction
between and with fans.

With this in mind, what can Fanpage Cashflow offer to any aspiring Internet Marketers?
Because this is the audience that will be targeted by this product.
In my opinion, Fanpage Cashflow will teach you all aspects of fb fanpage building and
fan interaction. At a price. The truth is that all the information needed to set up,
build and maintain a fb fanpage is freely available on the internet.

There are a million blog posts on the subject and thousands of examples of successful
fanpages in every area of marketing that you could imagine.
So if you are new to Internet Marketing in any way, I suggest that you do your own
research on how fanpages should interact with their audiences. If you have an area of
expertise you should certainly set up a fb fanpage. You musst remember though, building
trust with an audience takes a huge amount of patience.

The prospect of making money from your fanpage is a long way in the future depending on
the amount of effort you are prepared to put in. I have included a link to a great blog
post that I found on the subject, written by Jacob Clifton (whom I have no affiliation to)
which I think is really good reading, at the bottom of the post.

My mission as The-Onlineinformer is to genuinely help people make informed decisions before
buying IM products and I would never attempt, unlike most so called reviewers, to profit
from products that were either unsuitable or downright scams.

Fanpage Cashflow will, I am sure prove to be a very useful and informative product but as I
stated earlier, most of the content is freely available if you research.

There are no secrets about how to make fanpages and how to use them in a business There is
no fastrack route, just plain old graft and patience.

While here take advantage of my FREE download on how to start an
Internet Business, at top left of page.

Jacob Clifton- How to make a fanpage on Facebook

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