FB Traffic Ricochet Review

FB Traffic Ricochet

FB Traffic Ricochet review from a fully paid up member


FB Traffic Ricochet is a very clever, very simple method to get free traffic from facebook using a
technique that is easy to apply and possibly something that you are already doing through you own
trials and tests with facebook, although you won’t know that it has been turned into a product.

In the sales pitch for fb Traffic Ricochet a 1000% + increase in traffic can be achieved it is claimed.

I would say this is entirely possible if you are sensible and follow the posting rules that are
suggested in the videos.

If you are in any groups on Facebook you will have encountered people using this method regularly
and it is not new.

Many many media sites are using this tactic to drive traffic to their pages and if you have ever
explored these sites through Alexa, you will have discovered that some of these sites have grown
from nothing to ranking in the top 100,000 in a matter of months, though not on completely free traffic.

I believe they start with a large budgeted sponsored post campaign to quickly boost their following
but once their up and running and with the right content, they grow very quickly.

If you are non the wiser you will want to know more of course.
Well FB Traffic Ricochet is a short series of videos that walk you through the process from start to
finish and the first thing is you need a blog.

I have discovered a lot of people are using Blogspot so paying for your own domain and hosting is not
essential although I would recommend you do if you are serious about building a business.

You then set up your blog with google adsense. Your blog can and should be in a particular niche
because you will need to join facebook groups associated with that niche otherwise your posts would
not be relevant.

At this point and to maintain the integrity of the product under review, I will reveal all only to
subscribers of “The Genuine Cash Generation Blueprint“. I will not be promoting FB Traffic Ricochet
but just filling in the missing detail. Download link will be sent to you on confirmation.

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