Foolproof Cash Flow Review

What Is A Foolproof Cash Flow System?

The Foolproof Cash Flow System is a “foolproof” method of creating profitable
niche web sites where you use The well known auction site, Flippa to research
and clone, well proven existing cash flow models.


The Foolproof Cash Flow consists of 4 training modules, starting with researching
Flippa, to find web sites that have achieved impressive affiliate income of
anything from $25.00 a month to over $500.00 a month and then have subsequently
sold on Flippa, form anywhere between $1,000.00 and $10,000.00.

The next step is to reverse engineer these web sites, discovering the relevant
on page and off page SEO. This enables the accurate reconstruction of these sites.

The relevant keywords will help in the selection of a good domain name and general
on page SEO strategy which includes good keyword usage in titles and tags and
relevant keyword rich content.

The off page strategy basically refers to how to achieve high search engine
rankings using various bookmarking and back linking strategies to create good
“link juice”. This information once garnered from the donor site is what needs to
be duplicated.

The main traffic source that is targeted with the Foolproof Cash Flow is organic
traffic, the reason being, organic traffic is considered the most profitable,
providing the keyword and content strategy is done correctly.

There is a module dedicated to selecting and hosting a domain with some very
good info on setting up and installing wordpress. What I like about this section
is that there is no hard sell of preferred hosting companies, just sound advice.

Hosting is an essential ingredient of any web site building but you are free to
use your preferred company.

There is comprehensive video accompaniment as well as text info in every module.

The next module is how to create the content including the affiliate product or
products that you plan to sell and to make the web site engaging, informative
and high converting.

There is a great resource section, listing various tools that can aid you in
achieving the best results possible. These tools include, Market Samurai, one
of the best keyword research tools on the Internet.

Keyword Density, this helps to discover what frequency important keywords are
used on successful sites.

SEO Doctor, this tool is a firefox plugin and will give you a stength report in %.

SEO Spyglass, shows you important information including the anchor text used and
the type of sites and page rank of the income coming links.

Cuterank is a tool that monitors your site performance and reports back to you
to allow you to make changes to maintain optimum performance.

Some of these tools have free versions, some are subscription based and some my
require a one off fee but they maybe invaluable in your ongoing marketing


Overall review summery is that I believe that The Foolproof Cash Flow is a good
value for money, internet marketing tool. “It” won’t make you money but
if you follow the instruction in this program I believe you can build a very
profitable long term income that you can then replicate over and over again.

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