Free Money System Honest Review

Free Money System

The scam that is The Free Money System

Free Money System is basically a recruiting campaign for Binary Options trading
programs of which the Free Money System promoters are affiliates. There is no
initial cost for the program, they just want you to sign up and deposit.

They make a very bold claim that they will earn you a Million, in three months,
I don’t think so.

That’s not to say that Binary Options Trading is, in itself a scam but that
Binary Options Trading is a highly skillful occupation and is not to be entered
into lightly.

It is basically a form of gambling and there is not a gambling system on the
planet that could offer the returns “promised” in the timescale suggested.

With The Free Money System you are asked to sign up to one of three brokers,
“Optionnow”, “Optionrally” and “Banc DE Binary”. You are asked to deposit a minimum
of $200.00 and told that you will be contacted by a Free Money System Dream team
Mentor who is going to do your trading for you and turn your $200.00 into
$1,000,000.00 in 3 months.
Who in their right mind is going to let someone gamble their money for them, let
alone someone they don’t know.

I also believe that you will be encouraged to invest much larger sums of money to
achieve your three month target of $1,000,000.00 once you have signed up and
deposited your initial $200.00.

If you wanted to learn about Trading Binary Options, there is tons of free advice
available and it would be more sensible to investigate these brokers yourself and
also to do your own trading if you were interested in Binary Options Trading.

In summery, The Free Money System is just another slickly produced, over hyped and
misleading system to suck unsuspecting income seekers into affiliate funnels that
turn into financial black holes.

If you are interested in Binary Options Trading, I suggest you do your own research
and bare in mind that the true potential to earn money at this activity is way way
below any claims of the Free Money System.

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