Full Money System Review

Full Money System

The Full Money System brought to you by Jimmy Kim And Dan Craig

The Full Money System is a new product via the Clicksure merchant and It is likely that you
have received an email promoting the Full Money System.

Clicksure is not the most respected of vendors regarding quality of product.
So I have bought into The Full Money System to trial it for this honest review.

Basically the Full Money System is about setting up niche web sites selling ebooks.
Resources include twice weekly training webinars for six weeks. Contained within the member’s
area there is also The Elite Money System which is a list of niches including Dating, Dog
Training, Forex, Fitness, Healthy Living, Internet Marketing, List Building, Weight Loss,
Social Media and Stress and Anxiety.

Since I bought this product I have been successfully selling the ebooks that I downloaded,
in my ebook bonanza. You can check out some of these products by going to the “ebookbonanza”
page via the link above. You too could get all these ebooks by buying The Full Money System.

Each of these categories contain several ebooks on the general theme of the niche and each
ebook has images and sales pages for you to edit and use as you wish.
There are 75+ ebooks in all. Next we have The Traffic Money System which is a piece of software
called “Tube Traffic”.

This software is for optimizing your videos with the best keywords and descriptions based on
the competition in your chosen niche. Not worth a lot as it is as quick to do this work yourself.

Finally we have The Social Money System, four downloads including a youtube made easy ebook.
A youtube cheat sheet, 4 easy ways to make money with youtube ebook and youtube resources ebook.
All good info but not worth a lot as most of this info is available on the internet if you do
your research.

There are obviously the introduction videos where upgraded products are offered but not over
sold but overpriced. A supposed bonus is offered by Commission Consultants to build you 5 money
making web sites. Also probably not worth the money.

Commission Consultants seem to crop up on every product that comes out nowadays including
Partner with Anthony.

The biggest downside to this product is the attempt to set you up with extremely overpriced
domain name and web hosting with hostzilla or Commission Consultants (one and the same) and
they are probably double the cost of GoDaddy and unlike GoDaddy who offer a 45 day money back
guarantee, Hostzilla only offer a 15 day guarantee. (Guarantees on both companies only cover
hosting not domain names).

Another negative point is that some of these ebooks are a few years old now although still relevant.
What I would do is to rework these products by putting your own spin on them.

I don’t believe you would need to use their preferred hosting company to benefit from The Full
Money System. There is tons of material to work with and purchasing domain names and hosting from
a cheaper provider is possible.
This is because all of the web site material you need is included in all the various niche downloads.

If you can do simple editing in HTML the content in The Full Money System is perhaps worth the $9.00
that you can get in for with exit offers, as you will have over 75 ebooks and niche ideas to work
with, that collectively would be worth several times you investment.

I think the earning potential has been well exaggerated as always, especially for newbie’s but there
is potential to use this content if redesigned. The training webinars could well be of use but until
I have watched them I can’t be sure.

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