Geared For Profits Review

Geared For Profits by Mark Barrett

Geared for profits is a step by step video training created by Jenelle Livet along with Mark Barrett.
Inside geared for profits, it’s claimed you will learn the secrets to making $100 on each $5 you spend.
100% newbie friendly VERY Easy to do doesn’t need a big budget.

This product is not about traditional Internet Marketing like building an email list and creating info
products. This is based on the teespring model using a site called Gearbubble.

Gearbubble is an amazing crowdfunding platform that allows you to not only sell t-shirts but also
several other products as well!

Check my bonuses.



Link to Geared For Profits should be live shortly.

Gearbubble allows you to create your own designs then sell high quality products such as necklaces,
shirts, bracelets, hats, beanies,hoodies, cups, smart phone cases, and much more!

All the products have very good margins and low base cost and are manufactured to a high quality.
The actual product creation, store front and delivery is done within gearbubble all you need to do
is market your products and gearbubble takes care of the rest.

Their Statement is “We’ll handle the customer support, production, and distribution.
Your main job is to market your gear and keep the profits.”

The actual process is called “launching a campaign” and this is virtually a world wide operation.
As well as creating your own design for products, you can ask for assistance in co-creating if you
do not have all of the necessary skills.

Each product you design has a base price which is set when you have completed a design This covers
all gearbubble’s costs and profit. You then add the profit you wish to make and that becomes the
buy now price.

You can withdraw your profits when your campaign ends, your campaign length is set by you.
It can then take up to 14 days to receive your earnings although usually much sooner.

If you are looking for an online business model that requires virtually no initial outlay, doesn’t
require you to build email lists and doesn’t involve traditional Internet Marketing, this is a
fantastic opportunity. Geared for profits is only going to cost you $5.00-$6.00 for the entry product,
for that you get a great series of training videos including:-
How to use gearbubble interface.
How to get ideas for product designs.
How to set up your store.
How to set up a Facebook campaign.
Audience targeting.
Although a facebook page can bring in a lot of free traffic to your store. The initial building of
a fan page may involve some paid advertising.

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