How To Create FREE Lead Capture Pages

create free lead capture pages

Create Free Lead Capture Pages On A shoestring budget

Being able to create free lead capture pages or landing pages as they are also known, is an essential requirement
for an on line business with a low budget.. Paying for the services, especially when you are on a low budget and
still a new business, is not necessary.

Being able to create landing pages that can deliver results while not impacting on your bank balance
is an extremely useful skill to acquire.
It is also quite easy to learn as my video on “How To Create Free Capture Pages” will show you.

The only requirements to creating your landing page is the free authoring software “Komposer” and some
free background images. You will also need the web form code from you auto responder and obviously an
image of your offer, at least it is preferable to have an image along with text.

Take a look at the video click here to watch how to create lead capture pages to see how it is done and bare it
in mind that you can also customize your web form to your own requirements. Testing what works with your
selected image or text.

I am still reluctant to pay for a service like Leadpages although it might be suggested that my opt-in
results could be improved. Until I can justify the extra cost I am happy with creating my own pages,
I have had good success with them.

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