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IM John Chow

IM John Chow From The Members Area

Launched 28th March.
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A version of John Chow’s recent product “Blogging with John Chow”. This is basically
aimed at complete Internet marketing novices but even relatively experienced marketers can
learn a lot from this course.

In the members area we have 4 modules:-

1) The Daily Action Plan.
A seven day course of videos (which you can watch in one day if you so wish) jam packed with
#1 Welcome to IM John Chow.
Including 18 paragraphs on The Secret, mistakes to avoid, how to build a list, a Four Step
Freedom formula, delivering value and much more.
#2 The Four Step Formula.
A more in depth look at the four main steps to building your business, the power of the list etc.
#3 Picking Your Niche.
The common ways and a secret way, turning your passion into cash.
#4 Researching Your Niche.
Checking out competition and profitability of you chosen niche, tools & tricks.
#5 Joining Clickbank.
Signing up and discovering the vast array of products available to promote.
#6 Picking Your Product
Finding and using the best products to make commissions.
#7 Choosing Your Domain Name.
How to choose the perfect domain.

2)Knowledge Bank.
Building Your Site, WordPress 101, Listbuilding 101, SEO 101,How to use Clickbank more on
the Four Step Formula. Each of these headings have several sub-headings giving detailed
instruction on how to implement each element.
3)Success Secrets System.
#1 Done for you Sites. (This is a real bonus, there are 30 ready to go e-products in thirteen
different niches for immediate download, including graphics, audio formatted files, pre-written
articles to use in any way you wish.
#2 Done for you Review and Resell Sites.(Available for immediate download, ready made review
and resell sites and templates, another fantastic bonus)
4)Facebook Empire Modules.
#1 Basic Strategies (Branding, Apps, Tracking).
#2 Generating Traffic.(Content, Scheduling, Attracting engagement).
#3 Getting Leads. (Getting into news feed).
#4 Optimising Facebook Ads. (Facebook Ad strategy).

An addition to all the information that can be accessed immediately is the daily video lessons
that are added on top of the videos already scheduled over the coming weeks including-
Setting up your Website,
Creating Content,
Your Ethical Bribe,
Writing Effective Email Swipes,
Setting Up Your Auto-responder,
Setting up your Squeeze Page.

With IM John Chow There is also a comprehensive 5 step support system where any questions you
have will be answered within 48 hours.

Pros and Cons

IM John Chow is as comprehensive and as easy to follow course as you will find, to teach you
the art of creating an online blogging business. I believe as I have said before, this method
of building a business online is the most solid and sustainable.
It needs working at and will not produce results over night if you are starting from scratch
but I would implore you to stick at it. Follow the step by step instructions in this course
and success will be yours.

Can’t really fault anything in this course but if I was being picky, I would say that sometimes
John’s accent is a little difficult to follow (yeah that is picky) but IF you did find this a
problem, there are transcripts of many of the video’s, so you can read them and digest them at
your own pace.

When you first buy in you are directed to a one time $47.00 offer, now this may contain unique
information not in the course but having seen all elements of the course I have definitely
detected some duplicate content, so in my opinion, it may be worth passing up, I will leave
that decision to you.


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