Keyword Advantage Review

Keyword advantage

Keyword Advantage software, simple, powerful and unrivaled.

As online and offline marketing becomes more competitive, a new keyword advantage
has to be pursued to stay ahead of your competition.

This is where Keyword Advantage software by Adam Short and Mark Thompson comes to the fore.

Keyword Advantage is a simple but very effective tool. It will generate the more profitable
organic traffic that is the lifeblood of any business. Be it online or offline.

Within seconds this software will dig out hundreds of the lowest and cheapest competition
that are still high search volume buyer keywords. Giving fast, high ranking search results
in any niche.

Keyword Advantage has until now only been available to the Niche Profit Classroom community.
There are currently over 32,000 active users which is a true testament to the power
of Keyword Advantage.

Now, for a short time it is being made available as a stand alone product to the general
public. This gives thousands of marketers the chance to harness the power and quickly gain
higher rankings and more profitable sales.

The cost of this software?… a mere $37.00. When you read on in this review you will
appreciate the huge value this software offers. I am adding a massive bonus to any one
interested in purchasing Keyword Advantage software.

The Keyword Advantage software works in 3 easy steps,

Step 1
Data Mining, where search volume and “cost per click” for keywords is retrieved from Google
Keyword Planner.

Step 2
Analysis of the data imported into Keyword Advantage software and color code the rating of
the keywords based on the competition. Ranking highest will be keywords that are proven to
show real buyer intent when these keywords are searched.

The final rating is determined from the Average Page Rank and search volume and will color
code in 5 levels from dark green, excellent, to red, very poor.

The advantage of using this software with Google Keyword Planner as opposed to Google Keyword
Planner on it’s own, is the speed and simplicity with which it returns results that you can
understand and act on.

Software uses the 3 tried and trusted metrics used buy the SEO community, Keyword competition,
Average Page Rank and Buyer Propensity pulled from google. You can be sure that the monthly
data searches will deliver the most up to date top ranking and profitable keywords in any niche.

Good Keyword research is an essential ongoing task of any successful online business.
It can be very time consuming using the traditional methods. A software like Keyword Advantage,
can refine research to quickly find the most profitable keywords. Reducing this research
time to a bare minimum is an essential tool to have in your business arsenal.

So in summery of this Keyword Advantage review, I strongly advise those that are serious about
their online business, buy this product. Keyword research is arguably, the most important daily
task of any Internet Marketer.

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