Lazy Profit Explosion Review

lazy profit explosion

Lazy Profit Explosion 10K A Month System

According to the product creators, Lazy Profits Explosion is a proven 10k
a month system that can explode your profits in 24 hours, a bold claim indeed.
So what is Lazy Profit Explosion and how does it work?

It is a video training course using the power of advertising on and with your
videos. The case study in the promotion video shows some impressive results, it
also reveals that the sales are coming from high ticket products. We are talking
over $300.00 a pop on some products.

The likelihood is that to achieve these results you would have to have quite a high
budget spend to target buyers ready to spend these amounts. The cost of achieving
the results in the case study is not mentioned.

Another claim with Lazy Profit Explosion is that it is not about using your own
mailing list, nor is it through product creation and it is “newbie” friendly.
They claim that the methods they teach will work in any niche, which is good.

The traffic source is “hot” and overlooked but is probably youtube as the methods
are related to youtube advertising. I would not anticipate any free traffic method
that could generate the earnings in the case study.

The main focus of this product is that it is a “lazy” method hence the name.
I buy and review tons of products and although I have found from time to time some
good nuggets of information, generally they don’t live up to their claims.

They target “newbies” and more often than not, are totally unsuitable to that targeted
demographic. My gut feeling about this product is that it may well reveal some smart
marketing techniques but if you are starting from zero (totally new) then you will not
have the necessary online business infrastructure in place. Or not be prepared to
throw an enormous budget at it.

Although they claim you do not need any online “assets” to make this work they sort
of contradict themselves when they talk about building a bigger email list within the
sales copy. To build an email list properly, you have to have online “assets”.
This would be a website, hosting, autoresponder to name a few, all of which require
I have a FREE in depth guide to making commissions with youtube that you can grab a
copy of here . This method certainly will not require an investment to get results.

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