Make Money With Meghan Review

Make Money With Meghan Review or should that be
Make no Money With Meghan Scam, you decide.

This is pitched as a free website promotion with no other costs but if
you go through the 2 videos to get your free website you can only get
it by signing up to a hosting account that has been selected for you at
a cost of $9.95 a month for a 24 month contract.

24 months gives you a discounted monthly cost but you have no choice
as to the terms that you are going to sign up to , so the cost to you
is $285.60 which I believe according to other hosting accounts
that I have checked out, is not refundable. If you wished to purchase
a website and hosting package, you could get it for 20% of this cost.

I have watched the promotional videos and I have seen some worrying screen
shots that make me think that Meghan is being economical with the truth.

She claims the she is being totally honest and that all information
shown is 100% true.

The first thing I noticed was a screenshot of a Paypal account that showed
the heading, “Welcome Meghan Thompson” .This heading is coloured red
which is not the normal brown colour of a Paypal account. Also if you
look closely and compare with a Paypal account, the font size is smaller.

So I believe that it has been photoshopped, you can even see the poorer
quality from where the image has been saved after being altered.
The next thing I noticed was a screenshot of a Clickbank account showing
daily sales. The account name was MEGHANMW2, now is that Meghan’s
account or someone else’s account to do with Meghan and Modern Warfare 2?

A disturbing thing that I spotted in the second video was another Clickbank
account showing the bar chart for daily gross sales not matching the figures
in the column along side the bars, if you have a clickbank account you
will know what I mean, and the most worrying thing was the Risk Management
account status was showing red, which means the account is Out of compliance
for refund rates.

When an account is red the refund rate could be up to 100%. It also means
that the account is probably for a vendor (product seller) rather than an

If this is one of meghan’s accounts then she has really made a faux pas as
she is clearly indicating that her products are of a poor value at best.

I recommend that you stay away from this if your still not sure.

If your looking for a converting product then one I DO recommend is Patric
Chan’s CB Pasive Income License Program, I am already having good success
with this. Read my review for more details.

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