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How to Max Daily Profits

Max Daily Profits by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick has been released and I have bought a copy to review.
I have bought several of Mark’s products and this is probably the best yet.
Max Daily Profits is not about making small one off sales from affiliate products on WarriorPlus, JVZoo,
Clicksure or Clickbank. This focuses more on how you should create an ongoing income stream from popular
software products that people want and really need in their online businesses.

If you are starting from scratch but invest quality time into making this work it is still likely to be
many months before you are earning $468.00 plus a month. Any proper business has to have a large amount
of time and effort for it to become successful but it is possible as this is a classic method many
online businesses use to build a recurring income stream.

Proof of my purchase of Max Daily Profits,

To make this method work, you don’t need a list to start with but you should as a matter of course,
build one off the back of this.

You will need a lead capture page, which means you would either have a web site of your own our you use a free
or paid hosting service. Obviously, to build a subscriber list, you need an autoresponder. You can get a good
free service like Mailchimp where you only pay once you have reached 2000 subscribers.

So this is how Max Daily Profits works,
Firstly :- You create a squeeze page to a high converting free trial offer of a product in big demand.
Secondly:- You become an affiliate of the above product, not necessarily a paid member.
Thirdly :- You then set up a free or paid campaign via solo ads or blog post or social media.
Forthly :- Collect subscribers which you then get to sign up through an email series, for a free trial
of the chosen product.

Within the members area of Max Daily Profits, some great resources are included regarding getting
free and quality paid traffic. There is also a quick start cheat sheet where you will discover the
best product to target for your campaigns.

One of the OTO’s is their high converting email series but if you sign up as an affiliate of the product
you will promote, they supply you with an email series as part of their affiliate resources.

Another OTO. Gives you a list of 10 high converting affiliate products that you can target with these
same methods taught in Max Daily Profits.

When your subscribers sign up for the free trial they will then be in the funnel of the product that
you have chosen. Now because these products are of such a high quality in terms of what they offer and
their customer service and reputation, the chances are very high that they will sign up to a paid
subscription. This means that for as long as they are members you get a healthy commission recurring.

Now because the service that they have signed up to is integral to their online business activities,
the likelihood is that you have these commissions for “life”.

Commissions of $20.00 or much more, per sign up means that as little as 125 sign ups could generate a
monthly income of anything up to $6,000.00.

As there are many of these types of product available, this becomes a rinse and repeat method. All the
time you are also building an email subscriber list of your own that you can market to.

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