MLM, Legitimate Business Model for the Internet?


MLM On The Internet, How Can It Be Legit?

MLM or Multi Level Marketing on the Internet is fundamentally, a barely legitimate
business opportunity that is doomed to fail for most.
A business that relies on recruitment of inexperienced Internet money making
opportunity seekers, to fund the incomes of the up-line.

It is an unsustainable model, yet it seems to be the main pursuit of many thousands
of so called Internet entrepreneurs.

Over many years, I have seen dozens of these Internet MLM’s launched and ultimately
die, always with the same devastating effects. Thousands of out of pocket marketers
with memberships to defunct business opps.

They are selling the dream, as I said, to mainly the inexperienced, of the seemingly
unavoidable wealth and freedom that their prospect will achieve if they sign up to
be in their downline, where they will receive expert mentoring to help them reach
their goals.

There is usually a “product” or “products” involved for the sake of legality but in
truth most, no, all Internet MLM’S are pyramid schemes of some kind.
The products are usually digital training manuals and videos, (most of which can be
sourced for free on the Internet), something you could not sell as a stand alone
product in the real bricks and mortar world of business.

The world of the network marketer is built on a falsehood, building
“relationships” with other network marketers for the purpose of furthering
their own blind ambitious pursuit of wealth.
So many MLMer’s wear their “MLM business badge” with pride seeming ignorant
of the true consequences of their “business” activities. Either that or they
have total disregard for others, providing they make their dollar.

This has been said many times before but why would you want to help someone
else compete with you in your chosen industry. The truth is a paradox, MLM
marketers don’t strive to sign you up to help you but to help themselves
make money by enlarging their own downline, the lifeblood of their own

It’s the very nature of how MLM’S work, that they are doomed to failure.
They are finite. Eventually recruitment dries up when the market is saturated
and the income stalls.

Most Internet MLM’s have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years before they flounder and
leave thousands of the newest recruits with no one left to sign up and out of
pocket. When the point is reached where the cost of being in the network
outweighs the income then people drop out wholesale and the collapse is complete.

Undeniably people make money with MLM’S but it is always at the expense of the
poor, the desperate, the inexperienced and the uninformed.

The top earners in any Internet MLM will be the top earners in the next MLM that
comes along. Infact there are at any one time, several MLM’s running and the
usual suspects will be in all of them, leveraging the “proof of earnings” that
they show off to any prospective new recruit of how they live the dream and that
anyone can achieve these substantial earnings.

A business that relies on selling the system to maintain an income is not really
a business. A business that sells a product that has a value to the consumer is
a “real business and is sustainable.

Many Internet businesses operate the later model but this is not attractive to
the unscrupulous network marketers because the returns are not as generous.
Also by their very nature, they are not businesses that can be “sold” to the
masses of newbie’s looking for money making opportunities because competition
is the last thing that an internet entrepreneur is looking for.

Selling false hope is where the money is and this is where the morally bankrupt
ply their trade but they will argue until the cows come home that what they are
doing is legitimate. Some legitimize these schemes to save face within their
own circle of friends and relatives. Would you really want your loved ones to
believe that your business activity relied mainly on coercion of the vulnerable?

I am fortunate that I do not rely on the Internet to make a living, I am the
proprietor or a real bricks and mortar engineering business.
That’s not to say that I would not want to have an Internet business.

An internet business does offer many benefits, like freedom to live anywhere and
work the hours of your choosing but I would not want to achieve this at the
expense of other people’s ignorance, which is what MLM’ers base their business

The dream is unattainable for most because the people at the top will always
be at the top. Whereas most of the bottom level marketers will always be at the
bottom. Mainly out of a lack of knowledge and an established network of followers.

A lack of knowledge is something that you cannot admit to. So the fake it till
you make it (hopefully) marketing method has to be adopted and most people can
see through this.

The inexperienced will never be able to sell to the inexperienced.
The top MLM’ers have the credibility to stay at the top. So when a new MLM starts up,
they can be found selling to their lists of email and video subscribers.
Telling of the new opportunity where they are making 5 figure sums monthly,
when they are in fact showing earnings from some previous venture.

It’s very easy to see why the newbie seeking some sort of online income could be
sucked in by this deceit. The material greed that is inherent in so many of us makes
all logical thinking go out of the window. But deceit is the vehicle that drives MLM,
false friendships, false promises and the inability to allow morality to win over greed.

If you are new to the search for Internet income, I suggest MLM is not for you.
There are more moral and sustainable ways to make a living from the Internet.

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