My Vegas Business, Review, Scam/Legit

my vegas business

Honest, unbiased review of My Vegas Business.

My Vegas Business is a $77.00 one off payment membership to a back office of tools
and tutorials to use for your very own Las Vegas franchise business site.
You Get your very own web site ,which is ready to go once you have determined your
own Vegas specific URL.

The concept is about selling bookings and services for The Las Vegas tourism
industry, which is worth millions of dollars every year. All the contacts are
ready and available to promote and the idea is you promote your own site and
receive commissions on all sales and bookings.
There are also up sells, which include the usual training videos and the like,
that you always seem to get with products these days.

This market is massive and I believe you will have to be very creative in your
marketing to compete with companies like and some of the
established Vegas sites. If you searched Las Vegas Hotels on google you
will get back over 130,000,000 pages, that is going to require some very good
SEO if you wanted to use Internet searches only. Think you can hack it?

You may have to look at off line advertising, perhaps in your local press
or within your own circle of friends and acquaintances.
It would also appear to be the case that you would be more likely to earn
from this if you were an affiliate for the product itself, but I would never
advocate buying into something just to sell it on.

My research has so far uncovered more affiliate only sites promoting My Vegas
Business than actual membership sites promoting the Las Vegas service industry
with this product, read into that what you will. My conclusion is that there
is no scam involved here, infact there is potential in this, but remember this,
if this product takes off and you are looking to market the Vegas services
you’ll have 1,000’s of competitors with similar web sites selling the same
services as yourself.

I think the work involved and possible advertising costs may outweigh the
income potential and I think for most it will be tough and the failure rate
will be high. To succeed I think you will need a large social media network
already in place to give you an advantage over the also rans but remember
this is a Clickbank product so you at least have the cast iron
60 day money back guarantee.

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