Online Job Killer Review


Honest review of Online Job Killer released 8th July

The usual bold boasts in the opening minutes of the video quoting earnings of over
$162,000 in the first 6 weeks. Well I bought into the product at a discounted
price of $9.00. Before I get to the software in the members area, I need to
tell you of the up-sells that I had to sit through before I could get to the
the program.
Firstly, Package of 20, ready set up campaigns of top niche products that will
set you back $197.00 and that is for one of them, as you are told that 19 are
for free.
Secondly, you are offered an upgrade to the Advanced Job Killer software, this will
cost you $297.00
Next comes Traffic Killer Ap $97.00, by now I was losing the will to live.
Oh yes and there was also one on one coaching offered.

So what’s Online Job Killer all about?…. Pinterest, you are buying a software bot
that selects images from the internet that are related to the keywords that you want
to target for affiliate marketing campaigns. It then attaches affiliate links to them
and at a selected time frame, are uploaded to your pinterest account.

The software is run from your own desktop after you have downloaded it from the
members area.

In the members area, at every turn you are confronted with offers of free web sites
which are actually domain and hosting packages that will set you back a minimum
of $80.00 for a 6 month subscription, hardly free! An attempt to get you to sign
up for an Aweber account and a Clickbank account. Both of which would result in
affiliate commissions for the Online Job Killer Owners.

We are also offered three day trail offers for $1.00, for traffic booster programs
and ready made review sites and squeeze pages. There is a seminar that is being
run on the 16th July that you can sign up to.

You will see in the video at the top of the page, Links to VIP Coaching, Campaigns,
Advanced Killer Suite, Traffic Killer Aps and a Bonus. Well the bonus is a page
containing all the offers that have dogged you at every turn throughout your
navigation around the members site. I tried the Bot and found it constantly stopped,
and would only allow a pinterest account that was set up with the email that the
product was bought through. I found it very glitchy.

In summery, is Pinterest a massive marketing opportunity? I personally do not think so.
It has a similar following system to twitter so unless you are being followed by
1,000’s of people, who is going to see your offers pinned to your boards?
People do not use Pinterest to look for products to buy. I can see that it is
another way of getting your message out there virally but think that even if you
build up a huge following, income would be very moderate at best.

Could be very expensive if you bought all the up-sells and I think any newbie
would find the process too confusing to see it through.
I personally don’t reccomend this product. If you want to know a cheaper and
more sustainable method, get my FREE Ebook above.

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