Safe Simple Commissions Review. Scam!

safe simple commissions

Safe Simple Commissions is a scam

That’s my personal opinion. I will tell you why I think Safe Simple Commissions
is a scam. Even if the methods shown in the members area of Safe Simple Commissions
can actually make money, the screenshots in the sales video, of the vast commissions
earned, are not earned using the methods that they are selling you.
Anybody claiming to endorse this product in their “honest reviews” are being
disingenuous in the hope of getting an affiliate sale. Something I promise never to do.

Safe Simple Commissions is an over hyped, seemingly get rich quick scheme. It appears
to be very similar to a recent product from the clicksure stable, called Cash Code
Commissions. A review of which I will post after this review.

They both use a slick actor playing a rags to riches character that has stumbled on
or been given a secret method or software, for making $1,000’s in affiliate commissions.
Achieving this on a daily basis with hardly any effort and on autopilot, sorry this is b***s***.

Unfortunately, new would be Internet marketers fall for it every time and this is why these
products keep cropping up. All the screenshots you see of daily sales are from the very
same would be affiliates that give their email away every time they see one of these
sales videos.

The guys behind these products use a network of well established JV Partners to sell to their
subscriber lists in return for an affiliate commission.

This is an established method of the unscrupulous Internet marketers, having no real regard
for the buyer. Knowing that the methods that they are “taught” in videos that come with these
products can never work in the way they are portrayed in the sales video that initially gets
an unsuspecting customer to buy in.
The actual premise of Safe Simple Commissions is to use facebook fanpages to virally send
affiliate links to anybody and everybody that “likes” or “shares” content that is posted
from the members area to your fanpage.

Getting fans to a fanpage is difficult without having any genuine or interesting info to share
with others on Facebook. Although it is possible to make money using facebook, the learning
curve is large and you would need to spend money advertising to get fans,it is not as easy
as it it suggested.
The content and affiliate links that are sent to the fanpages is chosen for you so you have
little control over it.

Another thing to point out is that in the sales pitch, it is claimed there is a one-off payment
of $47.00. Once you are in they then try to up-sell more products at much higher prices.
These are supposed to quickly elevate you from small time to big time. The methodology of this
is that once you have spent once you are more likely to invest further into the product.
This is another common marketing trick and something to be aware of at all times. At the end
of the day it is about extracting as much cash from you as possible.

Time and time again you will read me saying this, there is no instant, start today, money
making systems, that anybody new to Internet marketing can use to make the kinds of sales that
these scam products claim to make. Avoid PLEASE!

If you are new to Internet marketing and you want to know how to genuinely make money
on the internet, email me for a FREE copy of my “The Genuine Cash generation Blueprint”
My promise to you is that I will never send over hyped marketing crap for the sake of a commission
only genuine info to help you in your endeavors to make money online.

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