Trio Profit Machine Review

trio profit machine

Trio Profit Machine, What Is It?

Trio Profit Machine is the latest attempt by Jani G. to extract hard earned money from
unsuspecting Internet Marketing newbie’s pockets.

I bought Trio Profit Machine in the forlorn hope that Jani G. had finally come up with
a product of substance, I was wrong. While I know that the methods he discloses are
the steps that successful online businesses use it’s not a secret and apart from
generalizing about how it works, he gives you nothing of value.

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I have bought several of his products in the past and have always been disappointed.
Trio Traffic Machine has nothing to offer even the greenest of Internet Marketers.
Everything in this product has been done to death and certainly doesn’t warrant a fee.
The info in this product is what most marketers give out for free.

So let’s break Trio Profit Machine Down

The three profit machines are basically stages of a funnel.
First you get a prospective customer sign up to a free offer using free or paid traffic.
Secondly while your new prospect is waiting for confirmation of his or her free offer,
the prospect is offered other products promising a bright future if you were to buy one or
all of them.
Thirdly, if you buy a product you will then be persuaded to upgrade to an even better version
of the product that will help you make even more money even quicker.
Fourthly, you are now on their mailing list to receive new offers on a daily basis.

Jani G. certainly is not new to Internet Marketing but his video style and even his writing
is still very amateurish. Poor usage of the english language, I’m amazed that he even generates
sales. It must be all the false promises that he makes, this is where he over delivers.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video from the members area here it is.

The Members area is strewn with so called bonus offers from JV’s. There is also a link to
“Free Traffic Software” which is actually something called “Desktop Lightning”, I suggest you
read up on this before you sign up, the honest reviews I have read don’t paint it in a very good
There is a PDF download explaining what Trio Profit Machine is all about and there’s a poorly
produced so called video interview again explaining what the product is about.

When Jani goes into the “How To Get traffic” section of the product he explains about the
“values” of “safelists” and traffic exchanges then give you a list of sites to sign up to.

He also mentions posting in forums and article directories. When you get to the Paid Traffic
section you are referred back to the members area where I found no direct reference to Paid Traffic.

Jani does throw in as an extra bonus, access to two of his previous warriorplus products,
these are called,
“Tube Traffic Tornado” and “$3K In 5 Days”.
Tube Traffic Tornado is about how to get free traffic from youtube, a very popular subject
and every other product coming out at the moment is about the same subject.

$3K In 5 Days is about buying ad space on other web sites and blogs. So if you generated $3,000
in income from buying ad space $3,000 maybe your gross earnings but what would your net profit be?
This Is a genuine business model but one that needs some skill and takes a lot of trial and error
to become successful.

So to sum up Trio Profit Machines, Not worth purchasing. We all know about email lists and how we can
profit from them with our funnels, the trick everyone is after is how to drive prospective customers to
our funnels at minimal cost.

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