URL ShotGun Review.

URL Shotgun

URL Shotgun released on the 19th July

An honest review.

URL Shot Gun is The Ultimate SEO + Affiliate Tool. With the push of a
button you can shoot your links out to 40 URL shortener services creating
massive back link diversity within seconds.

Have now purchased URL Shot Gun (22nd July) and I am currently testing it out.
Found it very simple and easy to use. I now have to wait to see if the url’s that
I have had pinged out will start to get results. Hope to have some results within
the next couple of days.

Having used it several times since purchase, my opinion is it is not worth buying,
although it can save some time when creating unique links, half the time the
shorteners that are included are not working so the software constantly needs
updating which has to be done manually.

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