vTargeter Review


vTargeter, Video Keyword Software and Training.


Vtargeter is released on Oct 2nd and is a “new” software and training program supposedly
designed to help you profit from the huge potential of youtube in your marketing business.

It claims it will clearly identify the best target keywords to get you the largest volume
of traffic.

VTargeter sales pitch focuses on the claim that you can get high rankings and free traffic
without spamming youtube with thousands of fake views and likes, a claim I do agree with.

The software is going to sift through tons of video data, analyzing the competition and find
the easiest to rank keywords in your chosen niche. You will also get step by step tutorials
to help you develop your video strategy. Finally, how to optimize your video and channel
using a seven day sequence to maximize traffic and rankings.

The price for this package…? $297.00, yes, that’s not a miss-spell, $297.00.

First thing to say is that most of the information on how to optimize your video is
available on the Internet free of charge and as far as keyword research is concerned,
the Google Keyword Planner is as good as most marketers will ever need, although it doesn’t
cover everything.

Although I have not purchased vTargeter, for the purpose of this vTargeter review, I have
watched the demo video of how the software works.

At it’s core, it uses the keyword suggestion feature in the google search bar and then brings
up key analytics comparing keyword competition. This software is going to save time in
keyword research in the continual hunt for profitable niches but the $297.00 is an investment
I think only experienced marketers may risk. For the uninitiated this may be a case of
running before you can walk.

There might be some useful training in vTargeter for the very inexperienced marketers out
there but as I stated previously, most of this info is in the public domain and I would
suggest testing out google keyword suggestion to find keyword phrases to target in your
chosen niche.

I have a free ebook available on this very subject which is available HERE.

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